Talking Real Estate

Last week I was in Arizona on vacation. I was with a group of 22 other people from all over the country, a number of them from Michigan, Washington D.C.,  and Massachusetts. It was interesting to talk with them about real estate. While the real estate market is now hot in most parts of the country, there are still some areas where it is a buyers market (unlike Seattle’s and most of the country’s sellers market). As I shared our average sales prices and stories of multiple offers, many of these folks were amazed at what our homes are selling for.

We also talked about downsizing as adult kids move out and on with their lives. I happened to attend a discussion the week before my vacation on downsizing and rightsizing. I was able to share some tips with my new friends. As most people are overwhelmed by this task, you can break downsizing down into manageable chunks; for example, most of us have way more coffee mugs than we’ll ever need or use. Spread them all out on the kitchen table and choose the ones you really need and want. I’m working on putting together a booklet on rightsizing/downsizing and will share when it’s finished.

Please give me a call or email if you’d like to learn more.

Jamie at South Rim of Grand Canyon
Jamie at South Rim of Grand Canyon

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